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Ophthalmology Consultants has an in-house Surgery Center dedicated to performing eye surgeries in a caring, comfortable and convenient environment. The Surgery Center is home to some of the region’s top board-certified ophthalmologists who specialize in a wide range of eye surgeries

Cataract Surgery

A cataract is an opaque condition of the lens of the eye or of its cover. Cataracts are painless, but debilitating, because they render the eye incapable of being penetrated by light, possibly leading to blindness. Eyeglasses can usually correct the vision during the early stages, but surgery may eventually become necessary.

Traumatic Cataracts

Result from a perforating wound of the capsule of the lens. The entire lens becomes opaque, and a portion usually remains so, but at times the cloudiness entirely disappears.

Senile Cataracts

The most common form, usually occur in people over 50 years of age. Beginning in the form of dark streaks or as spots in any portion of the lens, it eventually makes the entire lens opaque. As the fluid of the lens is absorbed, the lens becomes easily separated from its capsule and is considered mature, or “ripe” for operation. Later, if not extracted, the lens undergoes degenerative changes, and the capsule becomes thickened and opaque, making the results of operation less satisfactory. The only method of relieving senile cataract is extraction of the lens. Sight can be restored in most instances by the surgeon implanting an artificial lens in the affected eye.